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Veterinary Market

Veterinary Market

At Cryo Solutions, we understand the critical role liquid nitrogen plays in the veterinary industry, especially in the field of artificial insemination (AI). Liquid nitrogen is indispensable for storing and transporting semen for AI, due to its capability to freeze and maintain the viability of biological material over extended periods without loss of quality.

Our specially designed cryogenic storage systems and transport containers ensure that the semen is kept at the appropriate temperature, specifically, the extremely low temperature of -196 degrees Celsius. This guarantees the viability of the genetic material for extended periods, which is essential for effective AI programs.

Different Possibilities

The needs and challenges of the veterinary market vary significantly. Whether it’s a livestock farm needing to store large volumes of genetic material, or a small animal clinic requiring a reliable and safe solution for transporting semen for AI, Cryo Solutions has the expertise and product range to meet these demands. In addition, we provide comprehensive service and maintenance for our products.

We understand the importance of reliable equipment in the veterinary practice, and our experienced technicians are ready to ensure that your cryogenic systems are always performing optimally. At Cryo Solutions, we comprehend the pivotal role AI plays in modern veterinary practice and animal husbandry. Therefore, we are committed to delivering the best cryogenic solutions to our customers, assisting them in achieving their goals in animal health, productivity, and efficiency.