cryo solutions

Technical Market

Low temperature research, product cooling, soil sample freezing, metal hardening, and liquid nitrogen shrink fitting of metals are just a few of the many cryogenic applications within the technical market. Cryo Solutions is familiar with all these techniques and is happy to help you by providing expert advice and high quality products, from nitrogen containers to complete turnkey projects such as filling stations for pressure tanks and complete indoor and outdoor piping systems.

Technical Market

Gas Applications

In addition to liquid gas equipment, Cryo Solutions also supplies gas applications such as cylinder packs, gas cylinder storage cabinets, pressure reducers, switctvh over devices), pressure reduction and regulation systems, and stainless steel or copper piping Cryo Solutions can supply this package as a turnkey solution that can also include service and maintenance where required.


We can also supply you with specials and electronic regulation systems. Whether it is a new system you need or an update on your existing system, and whether it involves technical applications or occupational health and safety aspects, Cryo Solutions has a wealth of experience in upgrading and servicing existing installations, in both liquid and vapour phase.


We can assign you one or more members of our technical staff to provide technical support for cold shrinking, controlled freezing or welding of stainless steel piping. We also provide all the necessary equipment used for technical support.

Rent or Buy

Of course, we are always happy to rent or sell you the equipment you need. But Cryo Solutions can also provide temporary solutions such as transport, storage, transfer of stored materials, and complete systems.