Taylor Wharton Series – low pressure

Storage and transport cylinders for liquefied gases respresent important components of TaylorWharton Cryoscience Technology. The inner and outer vessels are made of stainless steel, and all vessels comply with the European Directive 1999/36/EC for transportable pressure equipment (TPED).

Series xl 70 to xl 240
These cylinders are transportable units built to rugged construction standards. They are designed for the low-pressure requirements of liquid nitrogen filling, storing and dispensing and feature easy, quick liquid withdrawal.

Series xl 45 to xl 65
These road-transportable cylinders feature automatic pressurebuilding and economizer circuits. Low-loss holding capabilities help conserve gas during low demand periods. These units set the standard for liquid cylinder performance in the gas industry.


CryoS_TaylorWharton_XL series