Sylab Icecube Series 15

Compact, computer-controlled freezing system with integrated, networkcompatible PC and connection to liquid nitrogen (LIN) pressure container.

SY-LAB presents its new series of freezers fi tted with the latest EDP components and with a touchscreen monitor as the central control element. This concept is the product of years of experience in refrigeration equipment construction and meets the increasing demands of our customers for the most up-to-date quality requirements. The standard IceCube 15 M system has a chamber volume of 36 l while the IceCube 15 L has double the sampling capacity.

The internal control procedures are managed by a RISC microcontroller which is linked to a PC running MS Windows®. The easily accessed PC is situated in the central part of the system and even the basic model is network-compatible. The sample data is entered into the PC via the touchscreen monitor. Any number of programs can be stored and all processes are documented. This is the first compact controlled rate freezer to have been combined with the EDP components which are now standard in modern system design.

Data entry is carried out at the LCD monitor via the user interface (interactive interface). No need for keyboards or touchpads, the fingertip is the text and graphics input medium. The software runs under practically all variants of MS Windows® operating systems and offers a level of ease, information and customisation options never previously attained.