Sylab Icecube Series 14

Based on the approved concept of the IceCube Series 15 the new and smaller IceCube Series 14 enhances the possibilities of our users by various PC confi gurations. The freezing chamber has a volume of 16 l (IceCube 14 S) and takes up several hundred of straws or ampoules or up to 11 blood bags in metal cassettes. Liquid Nitrogen (LIN) is delivered from a self pressurizing supply dewar via a metal hose into the instrument. The IceCube Series 14 freezer can be supported by almost any up-to-date PC with no limitation in size/capability or operating system (NT4, W2000, XP) which can be purchased as a complete system from SY-LAB or from any other local source. Data can be transferred through a LAN and printed out on every Windows® compatible color printer.

The exceptional software together with the integrated touch monitor or a separate stand-alone PC with standard monitor can be used for data input, storage and operation.

The concept of the 14 S is so fl exible that any budget will be adequate to integrate this high quality and sophisticated Controlled Rate Freezer in your laboratory.

The 14 S is offered in 4 possible option models from any regular stand-alone PC, two compact design variations to fi nally a wall mounting rack for PC and touch monitor. The successful hardware concept has been widely transferred from the IceCube Series15. For example: control is performed by an independent RISC microcontroller exchanging data with the PC. All peripheral equipment like printers or a LAN can be selected individually.