Quantum QFM330

• Modular system for continuous monitoring of oxygen concentrations
• Simple plug together system to suit every application
• All modules have built in visual and audible alarms with two alarm states ‘Low’ and ‘Critically Low’
• Base module acts as simple stand-alone unit or in conjunction with a range of remote alarm/display units allowing customisation to suit different locations.
• Lightweight, compact and easy to maintain
• Easy user changeable on site Sensor and battery pack replacements
• Long life oxygen sensors are employed which will provide twelve months operation in normal use
• Battery Powered or Mains connection versions available
• Computer connection available with data logger facilities
• Low cost solution for oxygen monitoring.
• Base unit cannot be switched off, giving maximum protection to the user (QFM330)
• Alarms can be repeated at a remote sites (QRA330)
• Digital display of the oxygen concentration can be added (QRD330)
• Mains powered module available with boosted klaxon and warning beacon, for use
in particularly noisy operating environments (QRL330)
• Any number of base sensing units can be fi tted to allow for the need for multiple sensing
• Two independent alarm levels are pre-set on the base unit. These provide a ‘Low Alarm’ at 19% and a ‘Critically Low’ alarm at 18%.
• Audible alarms are 85dBA at 30cm for all battery operated units.
• Simple installation with wall brackets as standard
• Additional modules can be added to the system at a later date without need for modification of the basic unit.
• Switching unit for connection of fans, valves or other alarm systems can be provided (MSB100)
• By selective use of appropriate modules this system can provide a low cost solution to every scenario from a simple single monitorto a large monitoring system.