Quantum QCG295 / CMT C stick

Current Telemetry Gauge System. For use with Liquid Cryogens (not Helium)
• Liquid level Gauge
• Option for linking into a computer
• Variable probe length to suit all vessels
• Probe design tested to 75 Bar
• Available with KF50 fl ange
• Easy readable display (0-100%)
• Both Probe unit and local display unit sealed to IP67
• 5m 2 core screened cable
• The QCG295 system consists of: QCG290- probe assembly containing sensor electronics attached by 1.5m cable QLD290- local meter display with 5m cable (connection to 4-20mA loop control unit)
• Designed to monitor the height of liquid in a vessel and to display the level on a panel meter (0 to 100% full).
• Calibrated specifi cally for a particular cryogenic fl uid
• For use with with Liquid Cryogens (not Helium)
• Supplied with a black plastic protection cap covering the open end of the stainless steel probe to prevent contamination entering the probe during transport.
• Maximum operating current 22mA