Quantum QAR3030

Level indicator and controller. Automatic control of liquid nitrogen, liquid argon &
liquid oxygen levels.

• For reliable automatic control of cryogen levels: Cryostats, Cold Traps, Refrigerators, Dewars and Unpressurised vessels
• Factory adjustable low level & high level control points
• Factory adjustable low level and high level Alarms
• Six ‘status’ lights indicate action of controller.
• 4 discreet sensors
• Built in audible alarm and connection for remote alarm
• An electronic automatic level control unit fi tted with four level PTFE sheathed
leads which are positioned at different heights
• Controls cryogenic solenoid valve to maintain level of liquid high ‘ and ‘ low ‘
levels. Additional ‘ high alarm ‘ and ‘ low alarm liquid nitrogen runs out or an
over fi ll situation arises
• Used to provide automatic control of liquid level in vessels storage.
• Wall mounted or also with compact remote head for vessel mounting.
• The QAR3030 system consists of three parts, four level sensor unit and a power supply.
• A Manual override facility for Fill and Stop Fill functions