Portable O2 Detection QPM3200/RAE

A personal compact oxygen monitor with LCD display for continuous monitoring
of oxygen concentrations in surrounding air.
• LCD Display on top for optimal viewing by user and operational confi rmation of continuous operation
• Warning alarm and low battery (service) alarm sited along side LCD display for optimal visibility. Low battery alarm will alarm for several days continuously.
• Operates continuously for up to two years under normal ambient conditions, no need for recharging
• Protects users from the potential hazard of nitrogen, argon, helium deficiencies in conjunction with oxygen enrichment.
• Cannot be switched off – protects users at all times
• Ear phone for noisy environments
• Easily calibrated by user in fresh air using LCD display
• Small compact size 125mm x 65mm x 23mm approx. Lightweight unit – 200g approx.
• Replacement sensor/battery pack can be supplied by post and easily fi tted by the user
• Monitors continuously the concentration of oxygen in the surrounding air and provides both visual and audible alarms should the detected concentration of oxygen fall below the pre – set LOW ALARM level or above the pre – set HIGH ALARM level.
• Available with cut off of LCD display when in alarm condition or continuous reading as required
• Belt/pocket clip provided
• Represents all the technical advantages of the well known PM32 but provides significant added value with an LCD display as standard and a two year life of continuous operation with no ON/OFF switch which could potentially leave users at risk.
• Contains a long life two year oxygen sensor and special built-in battery pack which allows the unit to operate continuously for at least two years under normal ambient conditions.
• Replacement sensor/battery packs can be easily fi tted by the user or alternatively a full return by post service/calibration check can be provided by QPL as required


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