MVE Shipslog

Cryo-transit datalogger for vapor shippers
The ShipsLogTM is a new, onboard monitoring system of temperature history for samples in liquid Nitrogen Vapor Shippers. It provides traceability for the temperature of the samples and can give alarms at setpoints during the transit period.

The ShipsLogTM monitor is fi tted in the top of the dry shipper’s cover. The temperature probe (PT100) extrudes through the ‘cork’, monitoring the temperature at the warmest part of the vapor shipper. The temperature sensor is fi tted to a plate which prevents physical damage to the sensor and also ensures that the temperature recorded is higher than the temperature in the vicinity of the sample.

The ShipsLogTM can also be supplied with a fl ying lead should it be required to record the temperature within the sample area – this unit is not fi tted with, or supplied with a cork and cover. Samples may be transported in the knowledge that on arrival at destination the recipient can quickly check via the LED display whether the temperature range has deviated from the pre set profi le. The full temperature history can be downloaded if desired to confi rm the exact temperature pattern throughout the journey.

The logger is user programmable via PC software. The logging process can be started either via the PC software or via a magnetic swipe key – which can be shipped separately from the vapor shipper. Analysis of the data can be made by the sender, the receiver or both.