This is our newest central switchboard panel, PLC controlled with TFT colour touchscreen and Modbus connection. The touch screen and the clear text and programing makes it very easy and understandable to operate in your cryogenic installation even for non-technical staff.

Key features

  • De-gas and simultaneous filling
  • Switch over device
  • Filling stations
  • Safety measurements for cryogenic installations
  • Combinations of the above

Degas and simultaneous cascade filling for Cryo Biobanking / Repositories

To optimise your Nitrogen consumption in your repository we combine the filling sequence of all the bio storage vessels. This helps in creating the optimal liquid Nitrogen flow with the lowest possible usage and also makes it possible to keep the N2 gas levels in your biobank as low as possible (safety).

Switchover device for liquid Nitrogen pressure tanks

This unit enables you to create a “small” bulk tank size of liquid Nitrogen by connecting several (2-6) pressure tanks together. By doing this one can even create a “bulk” of 2.000 litres liquid Nitrogen without actually placing a large bulk tank. Only one tank will be feeding the cryogenic installation and all the others can be either on stand-by mode or en route for filling. When tank number one is empty the system automatically switches to tank number two and so on; the whole is also secured and controlled by a pressure sensor to make sure you always have the right working pressure.

Other options are remote alarms when a tank is empty and/or remote read out of the levels via XiltriX, which is especially handy for logging and trending Nitrogen consumption.

The unit has been built for internal use with multiple transportable pressure tanks in the range of 160 to 400 Litres and the outdoor version even uses 600 and 1.000 Litres pallet tanks.

The unit can be placed in house or outside in a larger cabinet.

Filling stations 

This unit is for filling liquid Nitrogen vessels. It can be for smaller open dewars, dryshippers and / or pressure tanks and can be can be placed in house or outside in a larger cabinet.

Key features

  • SafeFill semi-automatic filling
  • AutoFill full automatic filling
  • SafeFill with fill box

SafeFill semi-automatic unit

With this unit one starts the filling manually by pushing the start button and it stops automatically The unit can be used for smaller open dewars, dry shippers and/ or pressure tanks. For the smaller ones there is a minimum size and one should standardize on certain type of vessels to reduce costs.

AutoFill full automatic unit

This unit automatically starts at a pre-set level and/or time and it stops automatically. This unit can only be used when filling pressure tanks and the tanks need to be equipped with a capacitive probe. Also it’s recommended that the tanks are used in a fixed position. When the pressure tank is used for a controlled rate freezer the filling sequence is blocked when running a freezing profile.

 SafeFill with fill box

This semi-automatic unit for indoor use is especially handy for filling smaller open dewars indoors. It is a sealed stainless steel cabinet with clear windows and a liquid Nitrogen overflow drip tray. It is often used in repositories for filling open dewars that are used for internal transport.

Safety measurements for cryogenic installations

Any cryogenic installation should be be equipped with the proper O2 detection and emergency stop buttons at the entrance door, a mains shutdown valve and in many cases a signal light and hooter are placed outside the room. The O2 depletion alarm signal is remotely forwarded and it can also send a signal to the air replenishment unit. With all these features optimal safety is guaranteed.