Chart Ferox Eurocyl Series – low pressure

The Low-Pressure Cryogenic Liquid Solution. All-purpose gas transport, storage and supply vessels for laboratories, hospitals, universities and other low-pressure liquid users.

Easy to Use: ideal for transport, storage and dispensing of cryogenic liquids. Easy to maneuver caster bases on many models. All valves and instruments within easy reach and visibility. Stable center of gravity. Superior Performance: Low evaporation rate and high durability. Optional pressure building system for high or continuous withdrawal rates. Extended-stem liquid valve to reduce ice formation.

Cost Effective: European ready … TPED coded. Super-insulation for longer holding time, lower evaporation and lower operating costs. All stainless steel vessels and patented inner support system for durability and long life.
Five Convenient Sizes: 35, 50, 120, 180 and 230 Liters
Popular Options: casters-bases, fi ll/supply hoses, Non-magnetic versions, pressure
building kits