Chart Ferox Eurocyl Series – high pressure

The All-Purpose Gas Transport, Storage and Supply Vessels.

Easy to Use: Ideal for transportable or stationary gas supply. Automatic pressure vbuilding and gas economizer systems. All valves and instruments within easy reach and visibility. Stable low center of gravity. European Ready … TPED coded.
Superior Performance: Rugged, maneuverable and fast fi lling. Gas and/or liquid withdrawal.Continuous fl ow rates up to 10,5 Nm3/h.
Cost Effective: Super-insulation provides long holding time and low NominalEvaporation Rate. All stainless steel vessels and patented inner support system for durability and long life. Heavy-duty footring and large diameter handling ring with four supports.
LCCM Models: Dual function regulator controls pressure building and gas economizing. Eliminates copper piping and fi ttings. Easy to set and adjust pressure-control knob.