The CryoFill controls and monitors the liquid nitrogen level within a cryogenic storage vessel. One of the unique features of the CryoFill is that it has multiple measurement techniques, so it can be combined with almost every storage vessel on the market.

In the world of cryogenic controllers and filling units there are two industry standards for measuring the liquid nitrogen level: the simple ‘four point level sensor’ or the ‘pressure differential measurement’. They each have advantages and disadvantages. Cryo Solutions has developed a new automatic filling controller for biological storage vessels that can operate with either ofthese standards. The status, settings, events and alarms of the controller are displayed on a TFT touchscreen display and are very easy to read. The alarm is displayed in a different color on the TFT display, for easy recognition; an audible alarm can also sound. The user interface of the controller is very userfriendly and information is easily accessible and readable.

Including the real time connection to external alarm and logging systems as Xiltrix (IKS) and ReAssure (Planer) via Modbus.