Cradle to cradle – sustainable, circular economy

Today, with so many environmental questions around, we all want to try and achieve a best possible green foot print. And we should all aim to make the best use of all available resources.
A very good way of actually hitting those goals in industry is to refurbish and up-grade. And that can apply to things you might not think of – such as your existing bio storage vessels. Yes, you could consider refurbishing them instead of replacing them for new!

This can be both economically and environmentally beneficial; a technical up-grade, avoiding replacing the whole vessel, will help the environment.

The refurbishments Cryo Solutions offer on bio storage vessels can include:
1) a complete overhaul - upgrade of the automatic filling unit with a new ‘CryoFill’
2) a complete vessel refurbishment - lid, cabinet top and re-vacuum of insulation
3) an upgrade from liquid nitrogen storage to “dry” gas phase storage.
When we perform a ‘CryoFill’ up-grade for existing vessels, we exchange all sensors, solenoids, cryogenic hoses and safety relief valves and give a full warranty on the complete automatic filling unit.

We have installed these units widely on many types of vessels such as Taylor Wharton/Worthington, Chart Biomedical MVE, Air Liquide, CBS, Cryo Anlagenbau, Cryo Diffusion, Wessington and Messer/Cryotherm.

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