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Cryo Solutions is specializes in the field of cryogenic applications. The focus in our service is on:



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Cryo Solutions rents and sells cryogenic products, projects, services, gases and concepts. You can contact us for nitrogen, oxygen, argon, helium and carbon dioxide vessels. But also for storage systems, control technology, detection equipment, piping and gases. And are you looking for a complete solution consisting of a combination of these products? Then we are happy to deliver a complete turn-key project, which you do not need to worry about.

Cryogenic Applications

Cryo Solutions understands business. Your business. Whether you work in the biomedical or veterinary market, in engineering or in medical care. You benefit from this, because we can adequately help you with personal advice and the best suited solution in your situation. Moreover, Cryo Solutions is completely independent. As a result, you can rely on an open collaboration regarding the gas and service package and the purchase or rental of cryogenic equipment.


Cryo Solutions has years of expertise in supplying and maintaining cryogenic equipment for freezing and storing biological material.


Veterinary applications of cryogenic products are mainly in the area of freezing and storing animal semen in liquid nitrogen.


Low-temperature research, product cooling, soil sample freezing, metal hardening and cold shrinking of metals. Just a few of the many cryogenic applications within the engineering sector.