Cryogenic equipment has a range of uses in healthcare including the treatment of warts and other skin complaints.

Cryo Solutions is able to meet the specific requirements that must be met when supplying this equipment to general practitioners. Supplying cryogenic equipment together with liquid nitrogen is, in fact, one of our core activities.


Cryo logistics service for general practitioners

Of course you expect high standards, but perhaps in particular where logistics are concerned. We have therefore created a sophisticated logistical system known as ‘Cryo Medic’, offering you maximum freedom of choice. We supply cryogenic products for both purchase and rental. Cryo Solutions can arrange everything for you itself, but this can also be arranged through the health insurance company or other organisation for which you wish to provide these services. Below are a number of options:

  • You receive a small, filled nitrogen container which is always collected and replaced after a previously agreed period of time. 
  • You purchase or rent a larger storage container (e.g. 20 litres) and Cryo Solutions arranges for the container to be refilled every two months. Patients can be treated directly from this container.
  • A large liquid nitrogen pressure container is installed at a central location and filled/refilled by Cryo Solutions. This allows several general practitioners to collect a small nitrogen container at a single location.


Cryo Logistics, a logistics service for companies and institutes

Our logistic services include the supply of liquid gases, dry ice and total solutions for liquid gases. We can supply smaller amounts (minimum 3 litres) but also 1,000 to 1,500 litres at a time. This service also enables you to hire dispensing vessels, pressure vessels and safety accessories such as cryogenic gloves and oxygen detection equipment for short or long-term periods. It is even possible to hire switching equipment. This unit allows you to create a small bulk tank by connecting standard pressure vessels to each other.

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