Extreme caution should always be practiced when working with cryogenic products , but there are also many effective prevention measures and detection methods available. Cryo Solutions supplies all the products and services required for the safe handling of cryogenic products and the prompt detection of potential hazards.


XiltriX is a professional alarm and monitoring service that provides its partners with the means to collect complex laboratory data related to processes and critical environmental conditions in real time 24 hours a day.

Portable O2 detection QPM3200/RAE
Portable oxygen alarm, also for other gases such as CO2.

Quantum QFM330

Simple oxygen detection system which also allows you to operate a remote NO/NC alarm, with audible alarm, revolving lamp or text display.

Alarm and logger system with display, suitable for temperature and/or gas detection with up to 10 channels.  Software included for data processing.

Dittrich GWZ

Multiple oxygen detection system with ability to control external NC/NO alarm and a horn, flashing light and/or text display. This unit can be equipped with 1 to 6 sensors.

Simple, Fixed O2 Detection

PT100 / 1000 Temperature sensors

CMT C STICK / Quantum QCG295

Capacitive probes for measuring the contents of pressure tanks NTC for measuring the contents of biological storage containers.


Overfill protection.

Safety Set

For the use of liquid nitrogen.

Emergency Stop System

Stop system with shut-off valve.


The CryoLow is the new low-level alarm unit that can be installed on smaller aluminum nitrogen dewars.