Goblets, straws, ampules and boxes are just a few examples of specialised storage containers used in the cryogenics industry. Cryo Solutions supplies all the items you need at attractive prices and with short delivery times whenever possible. Below is an overview of our product range.

Storage Containers - large capacity


  • Special canisters for canes, goblets and Sanbio cups
  • Individual canisters in various sizes and designs


  • Specially adapted aluminium rack systems for the Cryosystem series
  • Special racks and inserts for dry shippers
  • Individual aluminium or stainless steel racks with slits and code. Includes locking pin or flanged edge. Available in various heights and with various partitions
  • A range of racks for various types of blood bags and cassettes
  • Cylinder system for storing a range of containers such as goblets with straws
  • Racks for storing Sanbio cups
  • Special range of racks, custom-made to suit your needs

Simport disposables


  • Straws
  • Blood bags
  • Sanbio cups

Boxes and cassettes

  • Plastic, cardboard or aluminium boxes with compartments in various  dimensions such as 5x5, 9x9 or 10x10
  • Special boxes etc. for storing non-standard materials
  • Aluminium cassettes for storing blood bags

Storage in liquid or conventional vapour phase

  • Open position frame for large containers improves handling

Storage in dry vapour phase

  • Individual ‘dry’ storage frames for standard MVE dewars
  • Individual ‘dry’ frame for Taylor Wharton K-series storage containers
  • Special systems for storing blood bags and other materials are available on request
  • Custom made systems for all other existing types of storage containers
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