Small storage and transport containers are normally sufficient for the small-scale user. Cryo Solutions has a very wide range of smaller Bio Containers which are suitable for practically all applications. Moreover, there are many additional options to choose from, enabling us to deliver tailor made solutions to suit all our customers’ needs. We supply very high quality storage containers from Chart Biomedical. The following products are available:

Biological storage containers

MVE SC series
Suitable for canister storage of straws and ampules on canes or in goblets. SC indicates a longer holding time.

Biological storage containers

MVE XC series
Suitable for canister storage of straws and ampules on canes or in goblets. XC indicates a higher capacity.

Biological storage containers


Suitable for storing ampules in racks with boxes measuring 5x5 or 10x10 cm. This system is suitable for slightly larger capacities.

Transport containers for biological material

MVE Doble series
Suitable for transportation in vapour phase prior to permanent storage in liquid.

MVE VAPOR Shippers
Suitable for transporting biological material in accordance with IATA standards.

IATA Shipper

Cryo Shipper mini

MVE SHIPSLOG data logger


Liquid nitrogen dispensing and storage containers

MVE Lab Series / Taylor Wharton LD Series
Suitable for storing, transporting and transferring small amounts of liquid Nitrogen

Open dewars

Open dewars suitable for the storage end internal transport of samples and liquid Nitrogen and or dry ice (CO2)
These open dewars can be of the standard D series ranging from 0.5 to 6 litres  for samples and liquid Nitrogen, but also specials custom build dewars for example to be used as cold trap in a machine. Next to these open dewars there are also larger dewars with a bigger content and seize which can be used for shrink fitting or the storage of dry ice. The dewars can be bought or rented.

Optional accessories for small containers

  • Dispensing devices, pouring spouts and hoses
  • Low level alarms
  • Individual lids
  • Individual and/or special canisters, canes, goblets and dippers
  • Liquid nitrogen level measuring stick
  • Temperature loggers
  • Transport boxes
  • Mobile bases
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