If you require large storage containers for every type of cryogenic application, then Cryo Solutions is the right place to be! We supply storage containers from Chart Bio-Medical. This brand is well-known for the versatility and high, consistent quality of its products. Whatever the application, Chart Bio-Medical has the right container for you. Below is a list of the options we can offer you:

Suitable for ‘lower’ capacity storage of ampules in boxes. 

Suitable for storing ampules, straws and blood bags in vapour phase. Includes a TEC 2000 automatic filling unit, battery backup emergency system and waste gas equipment. It has the advantage of a low stable temperature of -190C in the upper part of the container. This is achieved thanks to the vacuum insulated upper section and a smaller opening resulting in a significantly lower nitrogen usage. The storage system is placed in a carousel inside the container.

MVE816 for IVF
Especially for the storage of straws Chart Biomedical has developed this 'dry' vapor phase storage vessel. This unique vessel is the only one of its kind that really guarantees that your straws remain on the right temperature.

MVE series
Suitable for storing biological materials in liquid, vapour and dry vapour phase. Features a TEC2000 automatic filling unit, battery backup emergency system and waste gas equipment. It has the advantage of a wide neck opening allowing quick and easy access to the stored material. A dry storage system can be added to this unit quickly and easily without any significant loss of capacity.

MVE serie for the storage of straws in liquid Nitrogen
Especially for the storage of straws in the liquid nitrogen we have developed a special twisting canister. The big advantage of this system is that one can work with the canisters as in the small vessels when retrieving goblets/visotubes. The inventory can be moved from the small canisters directly into the new canisters in the bigger vessel. The canisters can twist independently per level from each other when retrieving straws so you don't need to remove the layers above the lower goblet, this works quicker. The inventory system comes with a frame witch has partitions for each individual canister. We can make these for any type of vessel old or new...

MVE 600/1400 series
Similar to the MVE series, but entirely surrounded by a smart casing.

MVE Stock series
Suitable for storing large quantities of liquid in ampules, straws or canes. The liquid usage in this series is particularly low. 

Taylor Wharton K-series
Similar to the MVE series, but standard equipped with a cabinet.

Refurbished 2nd hand and demo equipment

Used equipment updated with our latest CryoFill automatic filling unit. We have refurbished MVE, Taylor Wharton, CBS (Panasonic), Cryo Anlagenbau etc. on stock.

Optional accessories

Other designs and brands are available on request. We also offer a very wide range of optional accessories:

  • Data log software
  • Individual lids (divided lid also available)
  • Individual ‘dry’ storage frames (also made to measure)
  • Individual racks, boxes, cylinders etc.
  • Individual TEC2000 or Mowden AFT automatic filling units
  • Step-up platforms
  • Overfill protection devices
  • Relay boxes for connection to other containers
  • Nitrogen supply pipe filters
  • Mechanical or pneumatic hoist systems
  • Temperature sensors such as the PT100
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