The services we provide comprise a range of general, technical and logistical activities. These include service & maintenance and the supply of liquid gases, dry ice and total solutions for gases (including liquid gas). Long and short-term cryogenic equipment hire, removal services for biological materials or cryogenic equipment, total project support and technical support when setting up freezing procedures also contribute to the range of services we provide. We can even arrange a chef for you to carry out molecular gastronomy demonstrations! Whatever you need, you can rely on Cryo Solutions.

24-hour Backup Facility  24/7
In addition to standard service and maintenance options, Cryo Solutions also offers a special 24-hour backup service. This service includes a guarantee that replacement equipment will be provided within a response time agreed with you beforehand, day and night, 365 days a year. You can use this service for pressure vessels, biological storage vessels, computer-operated freezers and even for system cabinets. You only pay for the part of the service that you need, which means that costs are kept low and manageable.

External Storage
If you would prefer to store your biological materials at an external location, either in the interests of risk management or if your storage facilities are inadequate or too costly, Cryo Solutions is pleased to be of service. Cryo Solutions has its own cryogenic storage facility that meets every possible requirement. We also work in close collaboration with a number of partners, including those that provide storage for -80 freezers. We offer various levels of storage and security to suit every situation and at affordable prices.

Training Course Facilities
Cryo Solutions provides technical training and safety courses to teach your staff how to work efficiently and safely with gases (including liquid gas) and all associated equipment. These courses can be followed at our own training course facility but also on your own premises (using your own equipment if you wish), or at an external location. All course members receive a certificate on completion of the training. More information can be found in this datasheet.

Products and services

  • Service and maintenance of cryogenic equipment
  • 24 hour service and backup facility for cryogenic equipment (24/7)
  • Distribution of gases by Cryo Logistics / Cryo Medic
  • Cryo cooking
  • Transfer of cryogenic equipment to other locations
  • Transfer of your biological materials to another location or logistical management of these materials
  • External storage of biological materials by Cryo Solutions, or mediation with third-party storage providers
  • Logistical support
  • Technical and safety training courses
  • Rental and/or leasing of cryogenic equipment including pressure vessels
  • Support during IQ/OQ procedures
  • Re-inspection of pressure vessels (PED/TPED)
  • Support for cold shrinking
  • Technical support for freezing procedures
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