There is a huge selection of control systems available. Automatic filling systems for open Dewars, electron microscopes, pressure tanks, data log systems or complete cryobank control systems.  Cryo Solutions is happy to provide you with practical and technical advice on the selection and purchase of such a system. But we also provide technical support for companies developing their own cryobank control systems. Below are some examples of measurement and regulation systems, filling and alarm systems and temperature sensors.


Measurement and regulation

  • Waste gas and simultaneous filling systems for various applications
  • Filling stations for automatic and semi-automatic filling of pressure tanks (for indoor or outdoor use)
  • Automatic filling systems for open dewars and electron microscopes
  • Simultaneous and timed filling systems for liquid nitrogen containers
  • Switching equipment to create a ‘bulk supply’ from several pressure tanks


Read more about this subject in the datasheet 'Cryogenic Installations and Biobanking'

Automatic filling and alarm systems for biological storage containers

The latest standard for automatic filling systems, suitable for 4 point measurement 4P as well as pressure differential measurement PD with a colour TFT touchscreen.
The unit has defog function, gas bypass, built in log function on SD card, alarm and logging for levels, fill time and temperature etc. Including the real time connection to external alarm and logging systems as XiltriX (IKS) and ReAssure (Planer) via Modbus.

Chart Biomedical TEC2000/TEC3000 
Filling and alarm system with pressure differential measurement, temperature readout and data log function.

Mowden AFT3L
Filling system with 4-point measurement, temperature readout and data log function.

Quantum QAR3030
Filling system with 4-point measurement and alarm.



Temperature sensors

PT100 / 1000 for connection to systems including building monitoring systems.

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