Cryo Logistics
Our logistic services include the supply of liquid gases, dry ice and total solutions for liquid gases. We can supply small amounts (minimum 3 litres) but also 1,000 to 1,500 litres at a time. This service enables you to hire dispensing vessels, pressure vessels and safety articles such as cryogenic gloves and oxygen detection equipment for short or long-term periods. It is even possible to hire switch over equipment. The unit allows you to create a small bulk tank by connecting standard pressure vessels to each other. You can also enjoy the economic advantages of a ‘total cryopackage’ by adding maintenance to your service option.

Cryo Medic
Another option provided by Cryo Solutions is ‘Cryo Medic’, a unique service that provides general practitioners with a guaranteed continuous supply of liquid nitrogen. You can combine the supply of gas with the purchase or rental of pressure containers and an oxygen detection system. The most commonly used service includes the supply of 8 litre vessels and an oxygen detection system based on the full-for-empty concept. This provides you with approximately one month’s continuous supply of liquid nitrogen. The empty vessel is exchanged for a full one every four weeks. You can also enjoy the economic advantages of a ‘total cryopackage’ by adding maintenance to your service option.

Cold Shrink Fitting
Heat expands metal and cold shrinks it. This principle is used in cold shrinking, which for many applications is the fastest method for making stronger metal connections such as mortise and tenon joints in mechanical engineering. Liquid nitrogen at - 196°C in an ideal cooling medium for shrinking shafts, drums or spigots, so that they fit perfectly into machines and equipment. Due to the fact that they expand again at room temperature an incredibly strong joint is created without any change to structure, colouring or oxide formation. Shrink fitting is the method of employing a cryogenic agent to shrink the shafts, tappets, or sockets, etc. so that fittings can be achieved that are far more cost effective than those achieved by heating the external components like gear wheels, housings, etc. Liquid nitrogen shrink fitting is one of the safest methods of assembly.The components will suffer no damage. Sometimes shrink fitting is the only possibility to connect different materials, which cannot be cemented, welded or soldered.
Cryo Solutions is a specialist in cryogenic applications such as liquid nitrogen, tanks, open dewars and safety equipment and accessories. We can therefore help you with all your cold shrinking activities, both at a remote location or on site at your company. Cryo Solutions is also available for:

  • Delivering liquid nitrogen on location
  • Rental or purchase of dispensing or liquid gas pressure vessel
  • Rental or purchase of standard or special open dewars
  • Safety equipment such as cryogenic gloves and oxygen detection equipment

If you would like more information or a quote, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can contact us by telephoning +31 (0)183 56 37 27 or sending us an e-mail at

Cryo Cooking:´Simply Cool´
Molecular gastronomy is a hot topic these days. Several restaurants have already discovered the numerous ways in which it can be used, such as in cryogenic cooking, for example, or in making cocktails with dry ice to create a smoking effect. Cryo Solutions can supply you with the liquid nitrogen and dry ice you need for this, but also with dispensing vessels, open dewars, double-wall dishes and safety articles such as cryogenic gloves and an oxygen detection system. Moreover, we can provide you with a chef who is specialised in cryogenic cooking. Serving snacks that have been prepared in this unusual fashion has become a regular feature at trade shows and it can add that special touch to opening ceremonies or drinks receptions.

Dry Ice / CO2
Cryo Solutions also supplies dry ice pellets. These are delivered in insulated boxes and are available in various pellet sizes and packaging units. Please see details below.

Dry ice pellets: 3 mm or 16 mm
Packaging units: 5 kg, 12 kg or 25 kg

Products and services

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