Extreme caution should always be practiced when working with cryogenic products,  but there are also many effective prevention measures and detection methods available. Cryo Solutions supplies all the products and services required for the safe handling of cryogenic products and the prompt detection of potential hazards. Click on the links below for further information on:

• Gas and/or temperature alarms
• Automatic filling and alarm systems
• Temperature sensors
• Level sensors
• Emergency stop systems
• Overfill protection systems
• Safety sets

Quantum Gas and/or temperature alarms

Portable oxygen alarms (also for other gases such as CO2).
Quantum QFM330    
Simple oxygen detection system which also allows you to operate a remote NO/NC alarm, with audible alarm, revolving lamp or text display.     
Contronics ALARMLOG    
Alarm and logger system with display, suitable for temperature and/or gas detection with up to 10 channels.  Software included for data processing via PC.

Contronics LABSCAN    
Similar to the ALARMLOG but with 20 channels and including phone with alarm autodialer and battery backup system.      
Contronics SCANLOG    
Features similar to the LABSCAN, but for up to 50 channels and including a central control station with LCD display.

Automatic filling and alarm systems

The latest standard for automatic filling systems, suitable for 4 point measurement 4P as well as pressure differential measurement PD with a colour TFT touchscreen.
The unit has defog function, gas bypass, built in log function on SD card, alarm and logging for levels, fill time and temperature etc. Including the real time connection to external alarm and logging systems as XiltriX (IKS) and ReAssure (Planer) via Modbus.

Chart Biomedical TEC2000/TEC3000
Filling and alarm system with pressure differential measurement, temperature readout and data log function.              

Mowden AFT-3L
Filling and alarm system with 4-point measurement, temperature readout and data log function.      

Quantum QAR3030
Filling system with 4-point measurement and alarm   

PT100 / 1000 Temperature sensors

PT100 / 1000 for connection to systems including building monitoring systems.

Level sensors

Quantum QCG295 / CMT C stick 
Capacitive probes for measuring the contents of pressure tanks NTC for measuring the contents of biological storage containers.

Emergency stop system

Emergency stop system with main shut-off valve (electrical or pneumatic) operated by emergency switch and gas detection equipment.

Overfill protection

Extra opener and solenoid valve in addition to existing filling system to prevent overfilling of biological storage containers, pressure tanks or open dewars.         

Safety set

Comprises cryogenic gloves, apron and face protection.

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