Cryo Solutions supplies practically every product imaginable for use in the cryogenics industry. All you need under one roof, and your entire order dealt with by one contact person – what could be easier?  Below is an overview of the accessories and extras we can supply you with. 

Safety products

  • Portable oxygen alarms (also for other gases such as CO2)
  • Safety set comprising cryogenic gloves, apron and face protection

For pressure tanks

  • Capacity probes
  • Cryogenic dispensing hoses
  • Manual cryogenic dispensing hoses with handle and phase separator
  • Extra outlets for dispensing liquid nitrogen
  • Phase separators for hoses
  • Taps, connectors, Y-pieces and pressure safety devices
  • Mobile bases (with air-filled tyres)

For small transport and storage containers

  • Dispensing devices, pouring spouts and hoses
  • Low level alarms
  • Individual lids
  • Individual and/or special canisters, canes, goblets and dippers
  • Liquid nitrogen level measuring stick
  • Temperature loggers
  • Transport boxes
  • Mobile bases

For larger storage containers

  • Data log software
  • Individual lids (divided lids also available)
  • Individual ‘dry’ storage frames (also made to measure)
  • Individual racks, boxes, cylinders etc.
  • Step-up platforms
  • Overfill protection device
  • Relay boxes for connection to other containers
  • Nitrogen supply pipe filters
  • Mechanical or pneumatic hoist system
  • Temperature sensors such as the PT100

For computer freezers

  • Cryogenic hoses
  • Data log software
  • Individual freezing racks
  • Nitrogen supply pipe filters
  • Mobile stainless steel table

Storage systems

  • Racks
  • Boxes and ampules
  • Straws
  • Blood bags
  • Sanbio cups
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