Cryo solutions

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At CryoSolutions, we understand that the materials we store for our clients are of invaluable worth. “Our vision is to be a global leader in cryogenic storage. We lead with safety, reliability, and respect for the valuable materials entrusted to us.”


Cryo Solutions, founded in 2009, is a leading company in cryogenic technology and solutions. “Our mission is to support organizations from diverse sectors with customized cryogenic solutions that ensure safety, reliability and efficiency.” At Cryo Solutions, we believe in building long-term relationships with our customers and partners. As an independent company, we work closely with reputable suppliers and strive for transparency and open communication in all our collaborations.


We offer an extensive range of cryogenic products, such as vessels for various gases, storage systems, control technology, detection equipment and piping. We also specialize in providing complete turn-key projects, allowing our customers to fully concentrate on their core business. Our services include not only installation, maintenance and technical support, but also project management, consultancy and procurement support. Moreover, we regularly organize courses and training in the field of safety and working with liquid gases.

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We recognize that for our clients, the safety of their stored materials is of paramount importance. Therefore, safety is our top priority in everything we do, from designing our facilities and equipment to our daily operational procedures.

We understand that the materials we store – whether embryos, sperm, blood bags, or other resources – are irreplaceable and of invaluable worth to our clients. We approach our responsibility to keep these materials safe with the utmost respect and diligence.

We strive to be the technological leader in our sector, aiming to offer our clients the safest and most reliable solutions for cryogenic storage.

We acknowledge that our employees are key to maintaining our high safety standards. Therefore, we commit to ongoing training and education in safety and risk management.

We aim to build strong and trusting relationships with our clients through transparency in our processes and consistently meeting the highest safety standards.