Cryo Solutions has many years of expertise in supplying and maintaining cryogenic equipment for freezing and storing biological materials. We understand the specialist needs of this market like no other, so you can count on professional experts who know the market and your requirements, and think proactively with you. 

Cryo Solutions offers the products you need together with optimally coordinated support and services. Options range from the supply of individual products such as liquid nitrogen containers to complete turnkey projects such as cryobanks.


Optimum service every time

Of course, we are always happy to rent or sell you the equipment you need. But Cryo Solutions can also provide temporary solutions such as transport, storage, transfer of stored materials, and complete systems. It goes without saying that Cryo Solutions offers its services during normal working hours.

However, you can also opt for a 24-hour service contract. This entitles you, for example, to fast delivery of emergency equipment and backups within a time period arranged with you beforehand.

Cryo Solutions is keen to meet your requirements, whatever they may be.

External Storage at Cryo Solutions in ’s Hertogenbosch

You can now store your biological materials at Cryo Solutions; the new cryobank has been used for this purpose since 1  January 2009. For the external storage of materials, Cryo Solutions also works in close collaboration with Snijders Scientific in Tilburg, which means that we can offer not only cryogenic storage but also storage in mechanical freezers (-80 C).
External storage may be required for a number of reasons, but the most common ones are the spread of risk and shortage of space on one's own premises.  In addition to storing back-up materials, you can also use an external location for storing materials not required for immediate use, enabling you to make optimum use of the valuable space you have available.

You may use your own storage vessel for storing materials at Cryo Solutions, but vessels (all or extra) are also available for hire through Cryo Solutions. The storage facility also includes 24 hour surveillance, FDA approved temperature data logging and, of course, the supply of liquid nitrogen.

In order to keep handling and other costs as low as possible, Cryo Solutions has opted for a system in which you bring, place and collect your own materials; this is also the best way to ensure that your materials are handled correctly. This is something we cannot guarantee if your materials are handled by third parties, however careful they may be.  We can, however, arrange transport for your samples or vessels if you wish.

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