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CryoFill and Medical Device Directive

The CryoFill controller is now available with MDD class 1 approval, MDD 93/42/EEC for the EU - CryoFill (NL-CA002-2016-39620). With these new MDD units your client can also upgrade/update their existing bio storage vessels. This can be done with either 4-point level measurement or pressure diff erential level measurement, so it’s independent of brand or type of vessel and also not dependant on the age of the vessel itself.

CryoFill automatic filling units can be fitted on Chart Biomedical MVE, Taylor Wharton, Cryo Anlagenbau, Air Liquide, Cryotherm, Cryo Diffusion, Messer units - and many more. An additional feature of the CryoFill is its full compatibility with the XiltriX alarm monitoring system, which enables you to externally read out all relevant data in real time even from the comfort of your home 24/7!

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